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Physical Quotient

What are the reasons of certain diseases which are knocking in your body? Physical Quotient means to understand your body and be aware about its ups and downs and heal yourself through natural remedies.
Aarogya Yogsnaan our special workshop helps you to give complete knowledge about your physical body and prepares you to cure by yourself.

Aarogya Yogsnan help you understand your body (Nadishastra) which is based on testing your three constituents of your body. You can yourself reduce or increase weight without going to gym or aerobics classes and cure number of dieses without any medication. Certain Dieses which can be cured by nature as follows.


S No Cause / Simptoms Remedies Time Duration
1. Back Pain, Knees Pain,Joint Pain Bach Flower Therepy Mini. 30 Days
2. Breathing Disorder Yoga, Naturapathy & Yog Snan Therepy Mini. 4 Week
3. Ashthma ,Cold Cough,Sinus, Hainfall Yoga, Naturapathy & Yog Snan Therepy Mini. 30 Days
4. PCOD, Menses,Period Problem Emotional Freedom Technique to Fight All your Emotions. Mini. 4 Week
5. Inner Beauty Treatment Enhance Your Inner Beauty through certain beauty treatments ( Aroma Therapy ) Mini. 15 Days
6. Obesity Diet Counselling Through Naadi Shastra Mini. 4 Week
7. Sexual Disorder Naturapathy & Acqupressure Mini. 4 Week