Meditation with higher self and inner self exercices

Spiritual Quotient

There are many misconcepts like - how to meditate? How to find inner peace? How to understand myself? So, to understand my inner-self , my strength and weakness, my capabilities , my potential energies aarogyas give more than 114 tequniqe. Where you can feel true experiance of indivizual being.

Aarogys also work on certain spiritual training programes which are as follows: Reiki 1st degree, Reiki 2nd degree, Karuna Reiki,Theta Healing.

S No Cause / Simptoms Remedies Time Duration
1. Unsolved issues of life Tarot and numerology Mini. 30 Days
2. Up & down of health Aarogya snaan Mini. 4 Week
3. Train of Thoughts Transdental Meditation, Vipassana Mini. 30 Days
4. Aura clearing Empowering five element Mini. 4 Week
5. Chakra blancing Japanees sound tecnique Mini. 15 Days
6. Up & down in Business Law of Attraction Mini. 4 Week

Aarogyas Provide 21 Days free vipassana meditation (Evening 5.30 to 6.30) , Which helps you to understand “you in you”
Counciling session on spiritual growth & practices also held every week.