Meditation with higher self and inner self exercices

About Us

Aarogya is a Sanskrit word that means overall well being i.e health of body, mind and soul. Generally speaking working on four pillars of life which gives complete physical, mental, emotional and spiritual devolpoment.

Aarogya’s Works for fitness of physical health through workshop named as BODY ANALYSIS WITH NAADI SHASTRA which is completely helpful to remove all your acute and chronic ailments. As our mission is to promote natural home remedies at every home step so that we will be away from side effects of allopathy medicines.we also do not believe in giving support of any machines, medicines and extra suppliments etc to eradicate diseases.

DR REKHA SONI offers a complete scientific designed programme based on naturopathy , the study of nutrition completely based on nature as well as science of human nature (prakriti of VATA,PITTA AND KAPHA).AS universe has given complete power to heal body by itself, so it can be supported by right food ,balancing of mind as well as strong powerful affirmations with some detoxification plans to clean body which help us to fight from all physical and mental disorders, thus enhancing our vital force.

Common diseases like blood pressure, heart diseases, acidity ,gastritis, liver disorder, high cholesterol are due to low metabolic rate and lack of proper nutrients in body .We help to improve metabolic process through various yogic kriyas as well as with support of right and balanced nutrition. there are certain packages given for weight loss,weight gain, height gain, as well as programs for specific needs according to specific disorders like flatuence,knee and back pain, asthma, cervical, spondolysis, water retention.

We offer certain scientific and safe BACH FLOWER THERAPY for all kind of mental and emotional disorders.

I began an initial study of naturopathy, reiki diet and nutrition diploma courses because of my health problems in year 1997.I faced with arthritis, Though very far from concept of god,I went thr' many doctors ,in many cities ,there was no improvement. some of my intuitive abilities took me to spiritual alternative modalities like yogic kriyas and assanas, steam bath, acupressure as well as connectivity to nature by using various herbs helped me cure fastly.

Slowly and steadily with grace of god I trusted my intuition and information, I started putting my knowledge of Food & Nutrition, Bach flower therapy and Naturopathy basics for good use.I completely focused in cleaning out my body with series of lemon and neti programs, took natural intake of vitamins and minerals and started healing practices into my daily life. Bach flower therapy increased my vital therapy.All efforts worked together and later I started using all natural alternative modalities in my surrounding society to cure others which gave tremendous result with varying degree of success.

Certain life skill counseling sessions with meditation techniques helped connecting my mind to THETA TRANSDENTAL STATE using our subconscious mind resulting in increasing of my inner potentiality.